Rules in posting

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Rules in posting

Post  Admin on Sun Jan 03, 2010 1:41 pm

Just a couple of simple guidelines to adhere to in order to ensure that this forum will be beneficial to all.


1. All posts must be genuine. While we do not have the means to ensure the legitimacy of all posts, we do hope that comments are made in respect for integrity and honesty.

2. No obscenities / vulgarities are allowed.

3. Avoid making duplicate postings. In the event that a technical error arises, please alert the administrator.

Advertising policy

1. No spamming is allowed on this forum.

2. No contacts with other members with a view to advertising is allowed. I would urge receipients of such messages to alert the administrator.

3. I have created a marketplace for buying and selling. Please use it where necessary.

4. I have special interest for entrepreneurs with a product / service to sell. I would like to help you wherever I can. Interested parties may contact me to discuss FREE advertising / collaboration opportunities. It will be at my discretion as to who I decide to work with.

Thank you!


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