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Post  Cheerios42 on Mon Jan 04, 2010 10:43 pm

I was there with my wife and daughter for my anniversary a couple of weeks ago.

My little one went to dish out about 4 scoops of ice cream and brought it to the table. She took a bite and said she didn't like the flavour.

There was a waitress standing beside us. We didn't get her name but she was caucasian. We were quite surprised to see a caucasian waitress actually.

Anyway, she came over and offered to take other flavours for my little girl. As parents, we politely declined of course because it was a clear waste of food. The gesture was really nice because she really didn't need to do so. It wasn't part of her job.

I'm just thinking.. if it were a local waitress, would she have taken the initiative?


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